We have extensive experience with federal, state and municipal transparency and gift ban requirements.

Clients turn to us for assistance with the Physician Payments Sunshine Act and similar requirements in California, Chicago, Colorado, Connecticut, D.C., Massachusetts, Miami–Dade County, Florida, Minnesota, New Jersey, Nevada, Vermont and international corollaries.

Other states have special rules for sales and marketing compliance. These include California, Nevada, Louisiana, as well as the federal 20/50 Rule which limits gifts to federal employees, including health care professionals working for the government.

State and federal transparency laws are complex and dynamic.

You can rely on Gardner Law to provide the help you need with these laws, including interpretation of whether or not something is reportable, as well as registering and reporting requirements on both the federal and state levels.

Depending on your needs, Gardner Law can play an oversight role with your reporting or dig in and help make the submissions for you.

Many regulators have been actively enforcing reporting and gift ban requirements.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which enforces the Sunshine Act, also reserves the right to audit manufacturers for compliance with the law.

Learn more about new and existing transparency requirements at the municipal, state, federal and international levels.

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Sunshine Reporting Related Services offered include:

  • Sunshine Act registration and reporting
  • Counsel on state law registration, reporting and compliance requirements
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Training
  • Guiding companies on how the Final Rule to the Sunshine Act impacts tracking and reporting requirements
  • Counseling on exclusions from reporting
  • Addressing disputes and corrections

For more information, see our Regulatory Alert updates.

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